Component Evaluation: Order of Canada

Green kitchen weigh scaleComponent Evaluation: Order of Canada

Timing: 30 minutes; flexible
Mode: In-class; Online

The Order of Canada, one of the highest honours that a Canadian citizen can receive, is awarded in recognition of outstanding achievement, dedication to the community and service to Canada.  The Order’s motto Desiderantes meliorem patriam (“They desire a better country”) underscores the fact that it is an award for people who enrich the lives of others and make a real difference.  David Reville has received recognition from the Canadian Mental Health Association, the ARCH Disability Law Centre, the Council of Canadians with Disabilities, an Honorary Doctorate from Queen’s University and a Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal.  The Order of Canada seems like the next logical step. 

Using information from his Making Madness Political text and making reference to specific items from his scrapbook as evidence of Reville’s community change work, have students write a 250-300 word Order of Canada nomination statement.