Components: Self-Guided

Three green gears working togetherComponents: Self-Guided

Timing: 10 Minutes
Mode: In-class; Online

Irit Shimrat’s short video illuminates both the extreme loss of self that is characteristic of emotional and mental crisis and the potential for personal resiliency in difficult circumstances. Educators and learners can use this component to explore patient-practitioner relationships and the potential for different approaches to healing.  Students can work through this material online or in class in preparation for a discussion or learning activity.

Ask students to use the following questions to guide their viewing of Question Man:

  • How would you describe the relationship between Irit Shimrat and Question Man? What was the dynamic between the two of them?

  • Shimrat needs to write to find her lost self, but what other strategies might help people move past “lostness” to reclaim self?

  • How can you as a practitioner work with people to assist them to locate knowledges and strategies within themselves?