Component Evaluation: Knowledge Mobilization

Three green gears working togetherComponent Evaluation: Knowledge Mobilization

Timing: 120 minutes; flexible
Mode: In-class; online

Knowledge mobilization is about making research accessible outside of academia. It involves information sharing and takes many forms. These forms include things like social media campaigns, infographics, websites, games, podcasts, and much more. 

For this exercise have your students work in groups of 2-3 to create a social media campaign or video that explains key ideas around how the mental health system upholds oppressions, and how we can resist them. The goal is to take the discussions of interlocking oppressions, wellbeing, and activism to make them accessible to different publics.

To accomplish this, students will need to identify what from the unit they want to focus on for mobilization and what platform they will use to do this. These decisions will shape how they engage with content and repurpose it for wider consumption