Evaluate: Food – Multi-Purpose

Green kitchen weigh scaleEvaluate: Food at PARC – Multi-Purpose

Timing: 30 Minutes
Delivery: In Class

PARC’s mission statement is: “A community where people rebuild their lives.” Their model of practice positions members as citizens (as opposed to mental health patients) and serves the very necessary function of providing a positive space for healthy living and community formation.

Use PARC’s mission statement and Learning Lens and Components In Context sections as the basis for a short, focused lecture or have students work through this material independently. Have students prepare for the in-class learning activity by viewing the Food at PARC Slideshow before class.  Students can then work in small groups using the PARC mission statement and the Food at PARC Slideshow to explore how making and sharing food at PARC simultaneously fosters physical wellbeing and community.  This activity closes with a five-point reflection which students can present in class or post to an online discussion board.