Component Evaluation: Ideas for Change

Green kitchen weigh scaleComponent Evaluation: Edmond – Ideas for Change

Timing: 45 Minutes
Mode: In-class; Online

The coroner’s inquest that followed Edmond Yu’s death resulted in 24 recommendations aimed at preventing such a tragedy from reoccurring.  After explaining to your students the role of such inquests and recommendations, use this document (the jury recommendations begin on page 4) as a basis for further investigation into the contentious question of police responses to people experiencing mental health difficulties. The 2003 film Crisis Call (Skyworks), available in many institutional libraries, is another useful tool for exploring this topic.

After a careful review of the inquest recommendations, ask your students to write a critique of the recommendations using the following questions as guidelines:

  • What are the strengths and limitations of relying on police, mental health professionals and policy-makers to address stigmatized attitudes and practices toward persons in mental distress?

  • As community experts, what list of recommendations might a group of PARC members have drawn up?