Component Evaluation: Create a Commercial

Green kitchen weigh scaleComponent Evaluation: Unity Housing – Create a Commercial

Timing: 45 Minutes, flexible
Delivery: In-class; Online

Before your students watch the video on Unity Housing, split them up into small groups and assign each group a theme to gather insights about:

  • Supportive housing models with democratic processes
  • Members as workers/staff
  • Limitations of low levels of staff
  • Peer support
  • Voluntary participation
  • Isolation and social exclusion
  • Poverty
  • Barriers to education and employment

After they have viewed the video, have groups summarize their insights in bullet points on flip charts or class blackboards, then have each group use these insights as resources for creating a 2-minute commercial for Unity Housing.  Instructors should ensure that insights reflect unit takeaways and consider including a classroom discussion before students begin work on their “commercials”.

This activity can be done as an actual video, as a storyboard for a video, or as a “pitch” for a proposed video.  Have each group present their commercials to the class in order to compare and contrast what the different groups took away from the Unity Housing video.  This activity can also be done as a flipped classroom or an assessment, with students doing some of the tasks independently or online.