Component Evaluation: History’s Lessons 1

Green kitchen weigh scaleComponent Evaluation: History’s Lessons – Part 1

Timing: 30 Minutes 
Mode: In-class; Online

Students often find policy difficult to understand and can struggle to comprehend how it directly impacts their day-to-day practice.  The short set of historical documents and 2 audio commentaries in Components: Saskatchewan – Self-Guided can help them work these issues. 

Shape your group discussion with prompts.  First, ask your students to orally reflect on what they have learned from the historical documents and the audio commentaries. 

  • How do the historical documents make them revise their understandings of the current mental health systems or practices?

  • Do the “speaking to history” commentaries by Jayne Whyte prompt them to come up with further revisions?

After your students have explored what they have learned about the history of deinstitutionalization from Jayne and the Saskatchewan documents, ask them to think about how they can use these points of learning in a practice setting today.  Encourage your students to move from abstract ideas to specific practice examples. This can be done online using discussion board. 

Timing does not include working through the components.