Component Evaluation: Taking a Stance from History

Green kitchen weigh scaleComponent Evaluation: Taking a Stance from History

Timing: 45 Minutes
Mode: In-class; Online

None of the positions occupied by our three Speaking to History respondents existed before deinstitutionalization.  Mental health patients like Jayne Whyte did not live independently and take active roles in consumer organizations.  Service users like Lucy Costa did not go on to become paid patient advocates and law students.  And social workers specializing in mental health like Ralph Buckley did not find employment in the community.

Pulling from the component sections (Saskatchewan, Toronto, Vancouver), read the document components and listen to the audio components. Then taking on the role of Jayne Whyte, Lucy Costa or Ralph Buckley and, using their language, propose a solution to a current social or health issue that incorporates the lessons of deinstitutionalization.  Learners should identify the problem, propose a solution, and explain what aspects of Whyte, Costa or Buckley’s personal/ professional stance informed their approach and the language they used.

Have learners record their monologue on a cell phone or device and share it with the class by uploading it to the course management platform.  Instructors can use the monologues as a starting point for a class discussion.

Independent learners working online should record and upload their monologue their institution’s online education system.